Hot Tips


Everyone has experienced garments falling from a hanger, but did you know that Henry Hanger provides a number of innovative solutions to help your merchandise and store looking beautiful all year long?

Why have a customer fumbling with beautiful garments when they should be appreciating them? Or worse, having garments fall to the floor with costly inventory becoming soiled or damaged. What's a retailer to do? Fortunately, there are more solutions than you may realize.

Our Hot Tip for today is our new "GRIPEAZE." Available in 3 sizes, they come in clear and black. Henry Hanger Gripeaze are easy to apply and never leave a mark on the garment.

Other Accessory Options include:


Flocking is a natural way to prevent garments from sliding or falling off. Wood hangers are covered in luxurious velvet flocking and are great for non-slip.

For examples see styles:


Making a statement about your store is critical right down to the hangers you choose for display. Since 1929, Henry Hanger has worked with retailers to find just the right hanger to match their visual merchandising scheme. Quality display hangers are a great way to show off a garment, whether used for a new jacket style, your latest Jeans, or even a cute T-Shirt.

Display hangers are usually a broadshoulder hanger, so as to imitate the size of the shoulder. While we can include an attachment on any hanger, a broadshoulder is recommended. There are many choices with display hangers based on your particular need. Hang them on the wall or by themselves in front of a rack.

Here are examples:

T-FIT-HCI: Recognized in the apparel world as "The Henry Hanger," our T-FIT features a 6-15" drop or we can customize the size just for you. Average drop is 10".

T-FIT-LSWSS: This Display hanger allows you to adjust the waist, and length of the drop and pin to the foam piece below.