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Henry Hanger      
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Quality Innovations Since 1929
When most people think of garment hangers, they think of their closets. What they may not know is that Henry Hanger set the stage for the evolution of garment hangers as we know them today.

Bernard Spitz, President -2002
The Hanger King®

Henry Spitz, the founder of Henry Hanger Company, had a simple premise; why hang personal or expensive garments on wire hangers that can cause wrinkling or damage clothing? When visiting retail stores, Mr. Spitz realized that the right garment hanger could actually make garments look better and even improve sales.  Bernard Spitz, a.k.a. The Hanger King®, son of Henry, was born in 1919 and at 15 years old began selling hangers for the company as he traveled the world representing the brand. With foresight and determination, these founders presented this product concept to fine hotels and large retailers like JC Penney and Saks Fifth Avenue.

The rest is history – a history of innovation where Henry Hanger is now also known for servicing chic boutiques, famous fashion designer showrooms, TV personalities, and "A" list Hollywood celebrities. 

Henry Hanger is a garment industry icon with operations in 3 states and additional factory operations overseas. The company remains privately-owned and synonymous with impeccable quality, service and style. From fine woods and non-slip items, to sumptuous satins, to the company's own signature acrylic line, Henry Hanger is the quintessential source for all your garment and merchandising needs.