Wood Hangers

Wooden Clothes Hangers

Wooden hangers not only provide superior hold and support for all forms of clothing, they offer an unbeatable value. With solid construction and a flat profile, Henry Hanger’s wood hangers allow for convenient storage and display in any closet or store.


Henry Hanger has one of the largest inventories of in stock, semi custom, and custom wooden hangers anywhere on the Web. We carry everything from basic, 12 to 18 inch hangers constructed from genuine wood, to customized hangers with specialized features such as cushion insert clips, flocked dowel bars, and more.  Our hangers come in a variety of classic wood finishes to cater to your specific storing and displaying needs.


Whether you’re looking for black or white wooden hangers to complement your store’s décor, or a dark finish to add elegance to your home closet, trust Henry Hanger’s quality wood clothes hangers to get you the right shape, size, and finish to suit your preferences.


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