Hanger Hooks

At Henry Hanger, we offer different types of hanger hooks for you to choose from to add style and function to the products you order from us. Our hooks are made from the finest metal and are manufactured for long-lasting durability.

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Once you've selected the style, material, and custom finish of your hangers, you have the option to choose the type of hook that goes with your order. Our hooks come in four different types:

Regular Hooks
For that , classic, traditional look, we offer regular hooks for your custom hangers. The clean and simple design of these hooks will work well for all kinds of hangers, but it's often preferred for boutiques selling formal shirts, suits, and dresses, as well as any other clothing that goes well with display accessories that follow an elegant look.

Milled End Hooks
Want a hanger that fits the minimalist or contemporary look of your boutique? Our milled end hanger hooks may fit the bill. These types of hooks can give your hangers a Euro or contemporary look that's perfect for shops that keep up with the newest fashion and trends from across the Atlantic.

Loop in Hooks
If you're planning to transport your garments to a tradeshow or deliver them to a client, hangers with loop in hooks are a practical choice. This type of hook is designed to allow a metalrod to be inserted through the loop. Once fastened, the rod is able to hold clothes snugly together so they can fit in a garment bag or a collapsible rolling rack. It also helps prevent clothes from slipping during transport.

S Hooks
S hooks are the newest and latest trend in displaying jeans and pants in shops. While hanging these pieces by the belt loop may seem too informal, the S hook does allow pants to be presented in interesting angles for a fresher, more eye-catching look.

Each of our hanger hooks is available in different color treatments you can choose from to match the style and finish of your hangers. Our color selections include shiny black, satin chrome, antique copper, and shiny brass to name a few.

Apart from hooks, we also offer other accessories to enhance the functionality of your hangers and enhance the display of your merchandise. Check out our options for hanger clips, drop and bar attachments, non-slip features, and flocking. We also have printing options for your logos.

Henry Hanger only delivers products with high quality materials, superb craftsmanship, and impeccable style. Feel free to browse our online catalog or call us at 1-888-HENRY-77 for any inquiries about our hanger hooks and other accessories.

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