Fabric Padded Hangers

Fabric & Satin Padded Hangers

If you’re looking to store or display expensive or delicate clothing, a padded hanger is a must-have. Padded hangers not only add a touch of elegance to your space, they also provide a necessary cushion between your hanger and your clothing. Hard, low quality hangers can cause shirts and other garments to lose shape, develop wrinkles, and even wear through fabric with repeated use. Padded hangers keep garments safe against damage and wrinkles while adding to the quality of your clothing.


Henry Hanger offers a wide range of fabrics and satin padded hangers to keep your clothing in optimal condition while being displayed in your store or home closet. We offer standard hangers, pant clamp hangers, cushion insert clips, and more—meant to keep everything from your formal shirts, to kid’s clothing, to skirts and pants safe and wrinkle-free. We also offer customizable designs and styles including a large selection hooks, clips, bar attachments, logos, and more.



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In Stock Fabric Padded

In Stock Fabric Padded Hangers