Economy Plastic Hangers

Economy Plastic Hangers

For over 80 years, Henry Hanger has been providing custom, quality, and time-tested hangers made from a series of different materials. With decades upon decades of experience, we have had the time and resources to refine and perfect our designs to create the most innovative hangers that offer support for all types of clothing, while providing an aesthetic appeal to your store or personal closet. Among our most economic options are clear plastic hangers.

Clear plastic hangers are a practical display options for budget-conscious individuals and retail businesses. Each of our clear plastic hangers provides great support for standard clothing items, like t-shirts, blouses, dresses, various lingerie items, and more.

Choose a clear plastic hanger from Henry Hanger for the highest-quality and most economic options from our line of hangers. Easily store your clothing, or display it appealingly in your retail store. Browse through our options, and learn more about our customizability!



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