Acrylic Hangers

Acrylic Plastic Hangers

Did you know that a bad hanger can damage clothing over time? If a hanger doesn’t properly adhere to the shape of the clothing, doesn’t offer support, and isn’t a more natural form, it can pull at the hems of clothing, displace the patterns, and affect the cut of something—especially if it is fitted for a particular body.

If you are a boutique carrying higher-end clothing, or a used clothing thrift store, you can benefit from excellent hangers in your inventory. Consider the plastic economy hangers from Henry Hanger! Buy them in bulk for your business, and carefully store all of your clothing with the features our hangers provide.

Plastic economy hangers are the standard for most stores and closets. They have a sturdy, lightweight build and are economically priced, perfect for volume ordering. Henry Hanger also offers our signature acrylic plastic hangers, a favorite of many designers and stores for decades. They are offered in many colors and can be customized with different hook and clip colors. As an added bonus, their clear frame can match any clothing type or store décor, without detracting from the design of your merchandise.

Henry Hanger offers the highest quality acrylic plastic hangers available. We offer some of the best-constructed products on the market today—guaranteed to keep your clothing in top condition, no matter how long your clothing is stored or displayed.

Browse our full inventory online and receive an immediate delivery, or visit our showroom where you can create custom hangers for your brand. We have a large selection of quality plastic hangers with customizable features and additional options such as hooks, non-slip features, drop and bar attachments, clips, and more. If you’re ordering hangers for your business, consider Henry Hanger’s logo printing service to add a professional touch to your order.

Take your clothing business to the next level by providing excellent support for all of the garments you sell and store. Contact the team at Henry Hanger to learn more about your options, and how you can customize your hangers the fit the needs of your store, and the clothing you sell.


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