Accessories and Special Collections

Accessories and special collections

Henry Hanger Hooks and Clips are legendary in the industry and manufactured from the finest metal for durability and function. 

Drop or Bar attachments can be added to your custom orders. Use for dedicated display purposes or simply because it is the best complement for your selection. You can also opt to have the bar flocked or fabric-covered to improve the way it holds garments. 

Non-Slip accessory items and features can round out your collection. These include notches - latex stay-ons - adhesive strips - nail heads - plastic ridged extrusions - and ridged grippers. 

Recognizing the need for brand merchandising, Henry Hanger offers the largest selection of display hangers. Take any style, attachment and material, choosing from wood, signature acrylic, fabric padded, metal or bamboo hangers and let us help you merchandise your store with innovation and style!


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In Stock Accessories

In Stock Accessories for hangers